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Personal Styling Course in English!

Professional Personal Styling Course in Zurich (Switzerland)

Personal Styling Course

The Swiss Beauty Academy in Zurich offers professional training in the field of Personal Styling. The entire course takes 3 months and it is also available in seminars – Image Workshops – of 2 full days.

Our School offers the Personal Styling Course in several languages. The current offer can be found on our website Swiss Fashion Academy. The practical classes are partially held in mixed groups, which enable interaction with other cultures during the course

Personal Styling Course – Personal Styling Objectives

  • learn to use non-verbal communication tools, through appearance and body language, in composing one’s personal image
  • address theoretical and practical aspects, enabling  participants to define a wardrobe suited to their physical type and personal style
  • design notions (colour, texture, cut, etc.) for harmonious coordination of clothes
  • learn to analyse, coordinate and plan shopping for items of clothing based on specific needs, preferences and lifestyle
  • know how to select clothes that will portray you in an attractive, appropriate and authentic manner 

Personal Styling Course  – Areas covered by the Personal Styling theoretical course

  • 1. What is a personal image, its social and psychological aspects
  • 2. Elements of design
  • 3. Physical types
  • 4. Clothes: models, fabrics, patterns
  • 5. Accessories
  • 6. Personal style, definition and composition
  • 7. Hair and makeup (optional)
  • 8. Wardrobe assessment and planning; coordination of articles; suitability for different occasions
  • 9. The importance of non-verbal communication, how to interpret people’s behaviour and convey messages through gestures
  • 10. Notions of etiquette and how to behave in a professional and social environment 

Personal Styling Course– Areas covered by the Personal Styling practical course

  • how to use colours, textures, silhouettes, fabrics which enhance your physical type
  • how to dress appropriately for each occasion
  • how to dress with personality
  • how to become valued through your clothes, while ensuring that your clothes help you to achieve your objectives
  • how to establish a coordinated wardrobe
  • how to dress economically
  • how to choose accessories
  • hair and makeup (optional)
  • body language and etiquette  

Personal Styling Course – Profile of the Personal Styling professional

  • new feeling of confidence and personal power
  • improved performance
  • improvement in relationships
  • projection of a positive self-image

Personal Styling Course – Conclusion of the Personal Styling course:
The final theoretical tests will be assessed and graded by the instructor in the following subject areas: Creativity, Professional Knowledge and Learning Technique. Students with positive grades will receive the Swiss Beauty Academy certificate. This Personal Styling certificate will meet your needs whether you wish to be autonomous or pursue work in your area.

Personal Styling Course  – Dates and Prices of Personal Styling course:

Programme of classes Location Start Duration Days Schedule Total price 20% Payment in advance Monthly amount
Personal Styling Zurich 11.01.2020 3 months Saturday From 13:00 to 17:00 1’680.- 336.- 448.-
Image Workshop Zurich by agreement 2 days by agreement From 09:00 to 18:00 560.- - -

Personal Styling Course – make the most of these attractive discounts: 

  • 10% discount starting from the second course or workshop attended at Swiss Beauty Academy or Swiss Fashion Academy
  • 5%  cash-back on payment of the full school fees before the start of the personal styling course  

We are really looking forward to your visit when we will be happy to tell you about our personal styling course and our school in person! 

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