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Something magical comes up when we have the opportunity to put Passion and Career together in one! Make your dreams a reality and sign up for our Fashion Designer course! Learn from the basics of research and trend studies to the development and final presentation of your own collection. In addition to the guarantee of professional certification (eduQua certified) at the end of your Fashion Designer Training, our fashion design school provides you with the possibility of the course being taught in German, English, Portuguese, or Spanish. Another advantage is that all our classes are distributed in small groups so that we can guarantee you a better and personalized follow-up during the course.

The Fashion Designer course has a duration of 12 months, being possible for the student to opt for a pre-training in the area through the Cut, Sewing and Modeling course.

As of 10 January 2022, the following measures will apply based on the decision of the competent authority of the Canton of Zurich:

  • 3G certificate and mask obligation for persons over the age of 16 for all courses offered by the Swiss Beauty Academy GmbH (incl. the courses on, and – valid only for canton Zurich.

For courses in Lausanne, 2G certificates and masks are compulsory for persons aged 16 and over until further notice (clarifications for 2G with the canton VD are still ongoing).

Target Audience of the Fashion Designer Course:

The taste for fashion, trends, design and crafts, a creative and curious spirit, are some of the fundamental characteristics for those who want to attend the Fashion Design Training.

Our training is also ideal for those within the fashion world who wish to pursue a career as Image Directors, Coolhunters, Fashion Consultants, or Fashion Communication and Marketing experts in companies in the industry.

Fashion Designer Course – Professional Profile:

The Fashion Designer is dedicated to performing in the fashion industry, communicating an idea/trend through the creation of collections of clothes and/or accessories with the proper know-how and which will influence the way a certain target audience will dress.

The creations of a Fashion Designer must satisfy the desires of its final customer, not only by the creativity but also by the functionalism of the pieces in question.

The one who chooses to study Fashion Design must have a global vision of the world and its current affairs, in addition to knowledge of sociology and history of clothing. The profession goes beyond parades and glamorous costumes, it also requires knowledge about production, costs, quality control and sales. The psychological profile of those who wish to be part of this area requires a personality with leadership capacity, innovative, creative, researcher, flexible, enterprising, confident and visionary.

Objectives of the Fashion Designer Course:

By completing the full 12-month Fashion Designer Training, the student will be able to:

  • Apply manufacturing processes, develop prototypes, designs, sketches, technical sheets and portfolios, and evaluate and express technical opinions;

  • Search and analyse trends;

  • Create and develop products, including for companies in the industry;

  • Work as a Freelance Fashion Designer, selling his creations directly to the final consumer.

Prerequisites for enrollment in the Fashion Designer Course: 

  • Minimum 16 years;

  • Interest in research, fashion, raw materials, market studies, history and trends;

  • Love for design and manual skills;

  • Desire to expand their aesthetic sense and creativity;

  • No prior technical knowledge (e.g. sewing) is required as the initial modules will prepare you for the subsequent curriculum.

Fashion Designer Course - Practical content:

  • Sewing;

  • Pattern designing

  • Textile technology;

  • Fashion event production.

Fashion Designer Course – Theoretical content: 

  • Work market (areas of operation, target audience, marketing);

  • Fashion history;

  • Fashion drawing;

  • Sewing;
  • Pattern designing;

  • Textile Technology;

  • Elements of Design, Patterns, Textures, Styles, Trends and Colors;

  • Fashion Collection Development;

  • Graphic Computing (Adobe Photoshop software).

Periodic evaluation and conclusion of the training: 

Complementing the assessment of the student's performance in school day-to-day life, theoretical tests will also be applied and written assignments will be required to be presented regularly. The ones who choose to study Fashion Design are expected to be available, willing and interested in research on their own and to deepen the theoretical content, as well as training the practical content at the home of the techniques learned in training.

As a conclusion work, students should organize a fashion show where they will present their creation(s) to a selective audience.

After passing through this process, you will receive the Diploma of the Swiss Fashion Academy, proving that you have the necessary expertise to practice the profession of Fashion Designer.

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Fashion Designer Course dates and prices:

666.35 Location Start of the course Course duration Day(s) Time Total price Prepayment of 20% Instalment for payment of the remaining amount
Fashion Design Course Zurich 28.01.2022 12 months Friday 9:00 to 18:00 9'995.- 1'999.- 666.35
Fashion Design Course Zurich 09.04.2021 12 months Saturday 9:00 to 18:00 9'995.- 1'999.- 666.35

Our Fashion Design School will provide a list of the necessary and mandatory material for the Fashion Designer course. The material included in this list will be for personal use and will have a value of approximately CHF 500. In this list of materials a sewing machine is included, necessary for the execution of the practical exercises performed at home.

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If you intend to study Fashion Design, Swiss Fashion Academy is the place for you!

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