Cutting-Sewing-Tailoring Course

The Swiss Beauty Academy in Zurich is opening new classes for the Cutting, Sewing and Tailoring Course. We are training professionals to work in this field, with this professional qualification we offer courses and seminars in English.

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Cutting, Sewing and Tailoring Course in English!

Kurs: Schneidern, Nähen und Modellieren - Sie möchten nähen lernen? Wir machen in unserem Nähkurs nähen lernen leicht! Werden Sie Modeschneider über unsere Schneider Ausbildung.

Optional courses:  

  • Fashion Designer Course (duration 7 to 12 months)

Our School offers the Cutting, Sewing and Tailoring Course in several languages. The current offer can be found on our website Swiss Fashion Academy. The practical classes are partially held in mixed groups, which enable interaction with other cultures during the course.

Profile of the Cutting-Sewing-Tailoring Course Professional

The professional trained in Cutting, Sewing and tailoring earns the title of tailoring Technician or Designer. He or she works in the fashion industry developing the designing of clothes and/or accessories with the due technical foundation. The designer cuts out his or her patterns in order to produce functional pieces, following the latest trends. Knowledge of calculations, shapes, production, costs and quality control is required. In order to enter into this study area, the student must have a creative and flexible personality, and in addition must have the ability to work with precision.

Objectives of the Cutting-Sewing-Tailoring Course:

Upon completion of the six-month Cutting, Sewing and tailoring Course, students will be able to work as freelancers, designing patters and sewing garments for customers. Students will also be able to work in a clothing company, in the area of clothes development as a fashion designer.

Pre requisites for participating in the Cutting-Sewing-Tailoring Course:  

  • Be at least 16 years of age

  • Have an interest in research (fashion, raw materials, the market, history and trends)

  • Have design concepts, aesthetic sense and some crafting skills

Theoretical content of the Cutting-Sewing-Tailoring Course: 

  • What it is to be a tailor

  • Knowledge of sewing machines and their operations (domestic, industrial lockstitch, zigzag and overlocking machine

  • Main types of fabrics and how to identify them

  • Types of needles and their uses

  • Knowledge of specific geometric rules for tailoring

Practical content of the Cutting-Sewing-Tailoring Course:  

  • How to sew zippers, sew on buttons and sew buttonholes

  • Knowledge of sewing machines and their operations

  • Types of needles available and their uses

  • How to work with delicate and smooth fabrics and skins

  • How to work with specific geometric rules for tailoring

  • Fine trimmings

  • Hems using a machine and by hand

  • Cutting patterns

  • Types of pockets and how to adapt them to the desired piece

  • Study of sleeves and their basic tailoring

  • Study of collars and their basic tailoring

  • Manufacturing pieces: cutting/tailoring and sewing straight skirts, skirt sewing, basic blouses, dresses, suit trousers and classic blazers

  • Basic tailoring and adaptation of pieces, according to one’s own ideas

Periodic and End of Course Evaluation of the Cutting-Sewing-Tailoring Course:

Theoretical, practical and written coursework and tests shall be assessed and marked by the teachers of the Cutting, Sewing and Tailoring Course. Time, predisposition and interest in researching on one’s own and a further development of the theoretical content is expected from the student.  Practical training at home of the techniques learnt at school is elementary. As final course completion project, students must present a straight skirt, a basic blouse, a dress and a pair of trousers.

The students who pass the Cutting, Sewing and Tailoring Course shall receive a Certificate from the Swiss Beauty Academy. This certificate certifies that you have the necessary expertise and will suffice for you to be accepted as a freelancer or to work in your area.

Dates and Prices of the Cutting-Sewing-Tailoring Course:

Course titleLocationStart of the courseCourse durationDay(s)TimeTotal pricePrepayment of 20%Instalment for payment of the remaining amount
Technical Cutting and Sewing CourseZurich23.04.20206 monthsThursday09:00 to 18:004’995.-999.-666.-
Technical Cutting and Sewing CourseLausanneOn Request6 monthsby agreement09:00 to 18:004’995.-999.-666.-

List of required materials for training in the Fashion Designer course is mandatory for all students enrolled. The Swiss Beauty Academy will provide a list of materials needed for the Fashion Designer Course. In addition, the material required for the student’s personal use in the course, costs around CHF 1,000. The list of materials is included in this amount and consists of: a laptop and sewing machines that will be used for theoretical and practical work to be undertaken at home.

Take advantage of attractive discounts: 

  • 10% discount from the second course or seminar including courses and seminars at the Swiss Beauty Academy and the  Swiss Fashion Academy

  • 5% discount on payment of the full amount of the course prior to the start of the vocational training

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We will be happy to welcome you on your visit to our school, where we will personally introduce you to our Fashion Designer Course. Please also take the opportunity to join us for a half-day class at school, where you can get to know us without any commitment.

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