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Swiss Fashion Academy has lots of news for you – Sewing classes for beginners and Tailoring classes!

Would you like to learn how to sew? Is your dream job in fashion? You already work in the Fashion Design industry but would like to complement it with a fashion tailoring course? Then the Swiss Fashion Academy – an eduQua certified training institute – is the right place for you!

At our fashion school, we believe that a sewing course has more to offer than just learning to sew. Therefore, we train specialists for this industry and offer not only our sewing classes for beginners but also courses and workshops in various languages such as German, English, Portuguese and Spanish. Make your dream come true and become a Tailor, with our fashion tailoring courses, or an expert in Cutting, Sewing and Fashion Patterning through our sewing classes for beginners and tailoring classes.

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Optional courses:  

Enhance your curriculum with the Fashion Designer Course and expand your offer in the fashion market! Go beyond the development part of the pieces and deepen the creative part of designing them, while at the same time you learn how to develop a collection by enrolling at our Fashion Tailoring Course.

The professional profile of a Cutting-Sewing-Tailoring Expert:

The professional trained in Cutting, Sewing and Tailoring receives the title of Patterns Technician or Tailoring Technician. He/she acts in the fashion industry developing patterns of clothes and/or accessories with the proper technical knowledge. The pattern designer cuts his molds in order to produce functional pieces, following the trends. Knowledge of calculations, shapes, production, costs and quality control is required. To follow this area, the student must have a creative and flexible personality, as well as the ability to work with precision – wich you’ll learn with our tailoring classes.

Objectives of the Cutting-Sewing-Tailoring Course:

By completing the 6-month Cutting, Sewing and Modeling course program, the student will be able to:

  • Acting as an independent professional, either on his own or on behalf of others;

  • Make basic patterns by measure or using standard measurement tables;

  • Interpreting model data sheets;

  • Make cutting plans;

  • Manufacture women’s/man’s clothing.

Cutting, Sewing and Tailoring Course – Prerequisites for application:

  • At least 16 years old;

  • Interest in fashion research, raw materials, market studies, history and trends;

  • Interest in clothing development;

  • Interest in geometry and calculation;

Cutting, Sewing and Tailoring Course

Cutting, Sewing and Tailoring Course – Theoretical content:

  • What it is to be a tailor;

  • Knowledge of sewing machines and their operations (domestic, industrial, zigzag and overlocking machine);

  • Main types of raw materials and how to identify them;

  • Types of needles and their specifications;

  • Knowledge of specific geometric rules for modeling.

Sewing classes for beginners

Cutting, Sewing and Tailoring Course – Practical content:


  • How to sew zippers, sew on buttons and sew buttonholes;

  • Knowledge of sewing machines and their operations;

  • Types of needles available and their uses;

  • How to work with delicate raw materials ( leather for example);

  • How to work with specific geometric rules for tailoring;

  • Fine trimmings;

  • Hems using a machine and by hand;

  • Cutting patterns;

  • Types of pockets and how to adapt them to the desired piece;

  • Study of sleeves and their basic tailoring;

  • Study of collars and their basic tailoring

  • Manufacturing pieces: cutting/tailoring and sewing skirts, basic blouses, dresses, suit trousers and classic blazers;

  • Basic tailoring and adaptation of pieces, according to one’s own ideas.

Periodic evaluation and conclusion of the training: 

Theoretical and practical tests, as well as work proposed during the entire training course, will be evaluated and scored by the instructors of the Cutting-Sewing-Tailoring Course. The student is expected to be available, pre-disposed and interested in research on their own account, and to deepen the theoretical content. The practical home training of the techniques learned at school is fundamental.

As a course conclusion work, students must present a straight skirt, a basic blouse, a dress and pants. Students who pass the Cutting, Sewing and Modeling course will receive a certificate from the Swiss Fashion Academy proving that they have the necessary expertise, sufficient to be autonomous.

Dates and Prices of the Cutting, Sewing and Tailoring Course:

Course titleLocationStart of the courseCourse durationDay(s)TimeTotal pricePrepayment of 20%Instalment for payment of the remaining amount
Technical Cutting and Sewing CourseZurich13.08.20206 monthsThursday09:00 to 18:004’995.-999.-666.-
Technical Cutting and Sewing CourseLausanneOn Request6 monthsby agreement09:00 to 18:004’995.-999.-666.-

The Swiss Fashion Academy will provide a list of the necessary and mandatory material for the Cutting, Sewing and Tailoring course. The material included in this list will be for personal use and will have a value of approximately CHF 4000. In this list of materials are included a laptop ( able to operate with the proper software to be studied in the training) and sewing machines, necessary for the execution of the theoretical and practical exercises performed both at school and at home.

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