Master cut construction course

Master cut construction course - learning to construct patterns - construction of the basic pattern and sewing

Would you like to learn pattern construction? Your dream job is basic pattern design? Would you like to realize your own designs? To do this, you first need a suitable pattern. In the pattern construction course you will learn how to take the correct measurements and construct the basic pattern. This is then sewn from a sample fabric, tried on and adjusted if necessary. Then the Swiss Fashion Academy, an eduQua-certified further education institute, is the right place for you. The Swiss Fashion Academy in Zurich has new training places available for the pattern construction and sewing course. A pattern construction and sewing course that has more to offer than just learning patterns and sewing. In fact, we train specialists for this sector and offer not only our sewing course and pattern construction course but also all courses and seminars in German. Make your dream come true and become a basic pattern designer or pattern design specialist through our pattern design training.

Schnitterstellung lernen -

Learn pattern making - job description of a pattern cutting specialist based on your own designs:

If you have successfully completed the pattern construction and sewing training, you will receive a certificate as a pattern construction specialist. They then work in the fashion industry, for example as a cutting technician. The basic pattern according to your measurements can then be altered into the desired designs (pattern cut) and you can design garments and/or accessories with the necessary technical knowledge. Incidentally, pattern construction and sewing design the basic patterns, among other things, to create functional pieces that meet the trends. However, it takes more than just learning to sew to become a basic fashion pattern maker. Rather, it requires knowledge of calculation, design, production, cost accounting and quality control. We will talk about which tools you need, how to measure correctly and of course how to work with the basic patterns as well as other tips on pattern construction. To work in this sector as a basic fashion cutting technician, applicants must be creative, flexible and able to work with precision. These skills are certainly fundamental for basic sectional design training.

Aims of the pattern construction course in Zurich

schnittmuster konstruieren lernen Schnittmuster erstellen lernen -

Theoretical course content for learning to construct patterns:

Practical course content for the pattern course:

Schnittmuster konstruieren lernen -

Regular assessment and completion of the basic pattern construction and sewing course:

The theoretical and practical tests as well as the written assignments are corrected and assessed by the course lecturers. It is expected that students have the time and interest to research independently and deepen the theoretical content. It is also essential to practise the techniques learned in the course at home. As coursework, students must present a straight skirt and a classic blouse, dress and trousers. Students who successfully complete the Basic Cutting and Sewing course receive the Swiss Beauty Academy diploma. This diploma guarantees that you have the necessary knowledge to work independently or as an employee in this sector.

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How do I register for the pattern design training?

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The Swiss Fashion Academy team looks forward to welcoming you to our premises to show you around or answer any questions you may have. We also offer you the opportunity to try out a course of your choice free of charge and without obligation so that you can get to know our teaching method and our premises. This applies both to those who register in person and via our website.


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